Just as our personal care and hygiene are important for our personal health, so cleaning and hygiene at home are important for the health of our family. Better be knowledgeable about hygiene, especially during this pandemic period. You can maintain hygiene in your home by following the 4 simple ways CleanStarsUSA recommends below during the day. 


Get your waste bin regularly cleaned

The cleanliness and hygiene of the waste bins, which are generally found in the kitchen and bathroom, are very important for you and your family’s health. When you do not follow the hygiene and cleaning rules, you will lead to the formation of bacteria and insects as well as bad odors. The most effective way to prevent all of these is to put a trash bag inside the waste bin and clean the inside frequently using baking soda.


Take advantage of the Sun’s rays

Ventilating sofa cushions, carpets, pillows, quilts and sheets in the sun is a hygiene practice that has been practiced for centuries and never loses its validity. For the power of the sun’s rays to kill harmful bacteria, you can purify your household items from bacteria and germs in this way.


Get rid of damp areas

One of the suitable environments for bacteria to grow is damp and moist areas. After wiping the floor, you should dry and especially take care to clean and dry your kitchen counter, sink, shower after each use.


Change your towels regularly

If we ask what items we use the most in our daily life, maybe towels will not be the first thing that comes to mind. But towels are among our most used items during the day. Our towels become damp because they are used a lot during the day and contain large amounts of dust and bacteria on their surfaces. Therefore, by using paper towels instead of hand and face towels or by changing towels frequently, you can provide hygiene in your home in a simple but effective way.

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