Thorough House Cleaning

Thorough House Cleaning Service guarantees that we get into the narrowest space in your home and remove the dirt and grime sticking in there. This service still caters to the four main areas covered in our service – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living area, stairway, and hallway.

A hectic lifestyle means that a person is always tired and lack time to do anything other than the important stuff. This means that cleaning your house on a regular basis is highly unlikely. However, neglecting to do so results to dust build-up and clutter around the house. There will come a point when house cleaning can no longer be ignored and becomes a must.
You can think of booking a thorough house cleaning service if you are moving, preparing for the holidays or festivals, or planning a special event. Let the cleaning company do all the dirty work so that you can relax and pay attention to the things that matter.

What we offer?

Our Thorough House Cleaning Service offers you great value for everything that it includes. When you sign up, you will receive the following services:


Sink cleaned and disinfected

Clean and organize cabinets

Floor washed and clean all appliances

Trash emptied, baseboard dusted and blinds dusted

Clean tables and chairs

Clean windows, windowsills, countertops and backsplash

Wood floors damp mopped

Take away the dust

Arrange all kitchen utensils and other related stuff


Clean and Sanitize your bathroom tub

Keep toilet mirrors dirt-free

Sinks thoroughly cleaned

Clean the vanity top and tiles

Clean the window, floor and bathroom mini-cabinets

Shine and clean all chrome fixtures

Trash emptied


Clean the floor, mirrors, windows and walls

Remove dust, cobwebs and other dirt

Trash emptied and blind dusted

Clean all the furniture inside the room

Organize all the things in your bedroom

Make your room a relaxing and dirt-free one


Clean stairs and hallways

Pillows and sofa cushions straightened

Remove all dust and trash emptied

Arrange the books, newspapers and magazines

Oven Inside Cleaning

Refrigerator Inside Cleaning

Kitchen Cabinet Inside Cleaning

What is special about Thorough House Cleaning?

Includes cleaning the interior of oven and refrigerator

Kitchen cleaning includes cleaning all cabinets and appliances; moving your small appliances and other items and cleaning the counter area; cleaning the tops of all items and replacing them; scouring your sink and sweeping or thoroughly mopping your floor

Bathroom cleaning includes: cleaning showers, tubs, toilets, and sinks; cleaning and disinfecting all fixtures and treat any mildew; cleaning your mirrors and the shower door tracks; moving most vanity items and cleaning your counter areas; cleaning the tops of vanity items and replacing them; cleaning your bathroom cabinets and floors

General cleaning includes changing the linens and making the beds; cleaning wall decorations, picture frames, light switches, doors, and door trim; dusting, cleaning, and/or polishing all furniture and decorative items; sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all floors

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