Construction Cleaning

Our staff here at CleanstarsUSA LLC is well experienced in the cleaning and restoration of construction projects. From new builds and single houses to large sized Housing estates and Development plots, we know what to do and we get our work done professionally and on time. We also cater to other areas of the construction industry too with Refurbished Hotels, Commercial or Residential buildings, warehouses, hospitals or shopping malls and etc… Our staff can really handle any job, no matter the size. What’s more, here at CleanstarsUSA we also have our in-house Health and Safety Team which provide each of our clients the benefit of knowing the job has been completed safely and according to the health and safety regulations of the USA, just to give you that extra piece of mind. All of our risk assessments and project briefs are site specific so that each project is seen as unique and individual.
We want you to know your construction needs are in safe hands with Tangible Cleaning and we aim to provide you with the best in construction cleaning. For a quote please visit our contact page. Below is an overview of services we currently offer under construction cleaning:

Where we do

Refurbished Hotels

Commercial Buildings

Residential Buildings

Property Development Sites

Shopping Centers

Public Houses

Retail Units

Shop Fitting

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