If you are working 5 days a week and have no time to clean your house properly then get ready this blog is for you. We will give 4 smart tips and shortcuts on how to clean each room of your home fast and efficiently.


Top to bottom right to left

The first tip is cleaning from the top to bottom and right to left and you should do this simultaneously. Otherwise you will waste your time and effort, and also you will have lots of other unfinished cleaning stuff. When we say clean top to bottom, the reason we suggest that is because dust and dirt falls from top to the bottom so try to wipe everything from the top onto the floor because obviously you will clean a  floor last. Now when it comes to working your way from right to left or left to right (you pick, just be consistent!) it means that you’re never going to skip the spot so in that way every corner, every section is going to be clean because of consistensy. Start implementing it and get everything done effectively and efficiently!


Have everything with you!

Take all of the products and tools that you need to the center of the space so that way you are not going to run back and forth in order to get something every time. It is a big waste of time, so next time you are going to clean a particular room or space in your home, get all the products and tools that you need ahead of time and then get to your cleaning.


Dwell time!

You are supposed to let a product’s dwell or sit for a certain period of time and that has two main effects. The first one is that the product will clean something, it just needs time to do its work so it’s sort of like hair dye, you can’t just dump hair dye on your hair and wash it off to expect to have a new color. So it’s the same with cleaning products. Spray it on a surface, let it sit and the products will then be able to do a sink, then you can wipe it off, so you can finally get the great results! The second reason is important to do this is because if the product type has a disinfecting property to it, it will need five and ten minutes to actually kill that bacteria. So if you are going to use a product, apply it and wait for it to sit at least 10 minutes then wipe it off. In that way you are going to get the cleaning and disinfecting that you want!


Make cleaning a group activity

Making a team effort is one of the best ways to enjoy cleaning and make it  fast. Schedule a time in advance with your family, and assign tasks to each person. Working together can add some fun to cleaning, and your house will be sparkling in no time!

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